We have a range of cool products available, from T-shirts to coffee cups.

Merchandise and replica weapons created by our members:

  • Incognitiously – Lois Spangler’s sword and Destreza designs such as Swords are For Everybody, Title pages for Carranza and for Mendoza, and heaps more for everything from Tshirts to coffee cups.
  • Konkoksions – Ron Koks hand makes a variety of replica weapons including polearm and replica flail.
  • SidStabbaman – Adam Kaye’s English translation of the poster from Don Miguel Perez de Mendoza’s 1674 book summarising la verderdera Destreza in a single image.
  • Etakkate – Kate Hickey’s Stick figures, Pacheco’s circle, and Fight Like a Girl on a variety of merchandise.