The following polyurethane/silicone weapon replicas and items can be ordered from Ron Koks through BSIS (subject to availability) and collected at our regular training sessions.  Alternatively, postage can be organised.  If you wish to contact Ron directly, get his email address by contacting us here.

Replica Flail

Neither Konkoksions nor BSIS endorse the use of a category M weapon by unlicensed practitioners.  All the below flail-related items are replica display items only and are not  useable in any offensive manner.

  • Replica flail parts, black or other colours by request if available, assembled but without handle — $90flails
  • Replica flail deluxe head.  Replace your current flail head or order your flail with the new, smoothly rotating head.


  • Replica flail handle — can be supplied, cost varies.

Other Items

  • Rapier tip , yellow or black— $2.50aIMG_0535
  • Pole weapon hammer head, black — $50
  • Pole weapon spear head, black — $35
  • Pole weapon butt, black — $20
  • Pole weapon spear head & butt, black — $100


  • Pole weapon combined unit (hammer & spear), black — $80aIMG_0541
  • Throwing Axe.