Class notes

The Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship has created several sets of class notes which are meant as an aid to memory to augment classes.  Given the small amount of English materials available on Verdadera Destreza, we have been asked to release these beyond our school.

If using these materials please consider:

  • These notes are updated with corrections and as new information becomes available.  Keep an eye on the version numbers to ensure you have the latest file.
  • Translations included in the notes are first-draft runs.  Keep an eye on the work of Lois Spangler for the latest in this area.
  • These notes were never intended to be stand-alone, without classes.
  • For more in-depth study, the bottom of each class-note page refers to the relevant page in From the page to the practice: Fundamentals of Spanish Swordplay by Puck Curtis, & Mary Dill Curtis, which has been re-released as an ebook (Sept 2019), available here .
    This is our major English-language source for interpretation of La Vedadera Destreza, and we highly recommend it.

BSIS members please also note:

  • The notes are provided for those who want them:  you can pass an assessment without ever using your class notes, so if this kind of learning is not for you, you can feel comfortable navigating away now.
  • If you want to read beyond what you have covered in class, please understand that these are not stand-alone notes and we do not recommend them as a sole guide to learning.

Class Notes: