There are six grade levels at Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship:


In which you will learn about our school, the HEMA community, how to handle a sword, and some La Verdadera Destreza basics including footwork, all in one evening!


In which you will learn nine of the fourteen actions required for La Verdadera Destreza and apply them in safe combat, as well as some of the theoretical basis to the art.


In which you will complete learning the fourteen actions, and practice your combat to the point where you can make good La Verdadera Destreza decisions.


In which you will learn the off-hand weapons of La Verdadera Destreza according to Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo, and you will also focus on refining and enjoying combat.

Free Scholar

BSIS is a growing school and our syllabus is currently being developed for the advanced grades.


In which you become a God of Iberian Fencing.