Carranza Cup

Invitational Single Sword Tournament

For 2020 Carranza Cup registration, see here.  NOT CURRENTLY OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

The annual Carranza Cup is run by the Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship, usually in October.

The primary purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for relatively inexperienced fencers to gain tournament experience. It will also provide an opportunity for fencers from participating schools to encounter different fencing styles and learn to adapt to them.

Several of Queensland’s top HEMA fencers are invited to participate as “Boss Fighters”, and every competitor is guaranteed at least one Boss Fight, giving them the opportunity to try their skills against the very best.  Boss Fighters are not eligible to win the tournament.

Entry is open to all HEMA students with current insurance.  Priority will be given to less experienced fencers if the event is over-registered.

The Pacheco Prize for Best and Fairest is decided by popular vote.  The following are the nominations from previous years showing the wonderful qualities of our competitors and support team:

2019 Pacheco Prize winners: Anthony Kung, Philip Fu, Kirby Gardner, (three-way tie).

2019 Boss Fighters:  Alex Roberson, Emma Fowler, Chris Godwin.

2018 Pacheco Prize-winner Anthony Kung.

2018 Boss Fighters:  Emma Fowler, Chris Godwin, Dan Arnold, Dan Green, Paul Roberson.

Tournament Placings

  • 2019:  First, Anthony Kung;  Second, Fox Simpson;  Third, Jacob Scholfield, Fourth, Cohen Benson.
  • 2018:  First, Cohen Benson;  Second, Phil Frost;  Third Cameron Collins;  Fourth, Mark Arnold.
  • 2017:  First, Dane Kilsdonk;  Second, Michael Pippin;  Third, Nate Moore;  Fourth, Ryan Tanzer.