Carranza Cup 2019

Invitational Single Sword Tournament

Date:  Sunday 06 October 2019
Time:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue:  Stafford State School Hall, 314 Stafford Road, Stafford (see our Days, Times, and Locations link for more details on how to get here)

This is the third annual Carranza Cup, run by BSIS on behalf of the School of Historical Defence Arts (SHDA) Group.

The primary purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for relatively inexperienced fencers to gain tournament experience. It will also provide an opportunity for fencers from participating schools to encounter different fencing styles and learn to adapt to them.

Entry is open to current members of historical fencing schools who are insured as such.

The Carranza Cup Outline document gives a full description of the event, including tournament rules, weapons and gear guidelines, and scoring. We expect all participants to be familiar with the content of the outline.  The only  significant change from 2018 is allowing a blade with of 28mm at widest point.  

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Use our online form below to register by Monday 30 September 2019 to be sure of your place in the lists.

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