You will not need any equipment in order to attend classes. BSIS can provide you with protective glasses, gloves, and a rapier until you become overwhelmed with the desire to own your own.  We also have gloves ($1.50 to $3) and glasses ($3  to $10) available for purchase.

The primary weapon for BSIS is the rapier. This is a civilian rather than military weapon, used for single combat rather than battles. You will begin training with the rapier alone, adding off-hand companions and other types of weapon as you progress to more advanced student grades.

The weapons we use are modern reproductions of the appropriate historical period, with blunted edges and capped tips for safety.

If you do own a rapier, bring it along and show it to an instructor to check if it is suitable for use with BSIS.

In more advanced grades we also train in other weapons. See Weapons.