Gear and weapons suppliers

The school has loaner equipment that will allow you plenty of time to get addicted to swordplay before needing to buy your own equipment.

Many of the suppliers below list their goods in $US.  Postage can be expensive but group orders can reduce this.

Sword suppliers

The school has sourced its loan weapons from Castille Armory.

We also recommend the Darkwood Armory Destreza Sword for sidesword combat.

Two local sword smiths can be contacted through Facebook: Geoff Milner and White Armoury.

While there are many great sword makers around the world, please talk with us before ordering a weapon, or if you already have a weapon and wish to use it in class.

Protective gear


The simplest example is simply white cotton gloves acquired from the laundry section. These are mostly about protecting the sword from your hands.  We recommend that you get leather gloves, such as motorcycle gloves with hard knuckles, as soon as you can.

For heavier sideswords, kevlar gloves or Red Dragon Gloves are appropriate.


Protective jackets, pants and forearm guards are available from dedicated suppliers such as SPES, Neyman and Leon Paul, and are considered standard. However there are many other suppliers coming into the market.


Indoor soccer shoes offer a good balance of low grip and low heel that are quite popular. Any non-marking, enclosed shoes can be worn, though all medical advice should be complied with.


We use rigid gorgets (throat protection) such as the Winter Tree from Medieval Fight Club, or the That Guy branded item.


The masks from WMA shop will serve for everything we do in class.  We frequently do large group orders to reduce the price.

Back of head

Back of head protectors must also be rigid. Good examples are available from SPES. The one from WMA shop is not rigid and therefore unacceptable.