BSIS is insured as a member group of the Australasian Living History Federation (ALHF). We require all of our members to also be members of either ALHF.

The ALHF was established in 2002 to source and manage appropriate and affordable Public Liability insurance for Historical Reenactment societies and Living History groups across Australia. Member groups are part of the Public Liability Insurance scheme ($20 million) and the Member Accident Coverage scheme ($1 Million).

Aside from organising public liability insurance, ALHF acts to represent members’ interests in areas such as legislation that affects reenactment activities, and to foster communication and cooperation among individuals and groups in the Australian living history community.

The ALHF offers advice and guidance to members, event organisers and the public on such things as performance and display safety, and the presentation of historical accuracy in activities.

This information is drawn from the ALHF website.

For details about costs of insurance, see our costs page.