All members of our instructor and administrator teams excluding our mascot hold blue cards (Working with Children Check).

Sean Reichman

Lead Instructor

BSIS is the direct result of Sean’s vision. He is responsible for the writing of the syllabus and strongly encourages a collaborative atmosphere with the team.

He is a hero of delegation, which is the basis of good administration.

Sharon McHugh Reichman

Head of Administration

Sharon is the creative heart of BSIS and an experienced fencer who has trained for years in Brisbane and in workshops overseas. Whenever we look professional, Sharon’s guiding hand has been behind it (for example, she designed our awesome logo).

Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing Communications.


Kate Hickey

Financial Manager

Kate manages our finances, but she won’t let us buy a pony.  If you have a good idea or you want any issue raised in a meeting, she’s a good person to talk to, because her notebook is always handy.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business – Accountancy


Jessica Silvallana & Greg Carey

Member Happiness Officers

The position of Happiness Officer involves social support and conflict resolution.

Jess Silvallana has been a member of BSIS since 2016 and is ready to help you make your experience at BSIS the best it can be.



Greg has been involved in many community organisations, including multiple fencing schools, golf, and youth group.  His key roles with BSIS are as Happiness Officer, Administrative Support, and supplier of dad joke of the week.  Greg does not attend BSIS frequently, but is always ready to hear your concerns.


Lois Spangler


Lois is a native Spanish speaker who has translated Figueredo’s writings on offhand weapons for our scholar course.  She has presented HEMA workshops based on her translations both interstate and at Brisbane’s Swordplay tournaments.

Her Spanish voice is also super cool to listen to.


Hannah Hickey

Pedagogical Consultant

Hannah is a secondary education teacher who gives Sean the fancy pedagogical words to explain his vision, ensures that the instructor principles are followed, and ensures inclusive pedagogy.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Secondary), University Medalist (highest GPA of graduating education students), Member of National Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools.

Henry “The Fox” Walker

Founder of the School of Historical Defense Arts Group.

Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship was part of Henry’s plans to take over the world through his rapidly expanding network of satellite schools. Check out  the Brisbane Swords, Tuesday nights (founded as the School of Historical Defence Arts by Henry and now run by James Wran) and other schools in the group Brisbane Swords, Monday nights (run by James Wran) and Australis Scherma Scuola di Spada e Sciabola (run by Chris Godwin).  It was Henry’s encouragement and sponsorship that made the establishment of our school possible.


D’Artagnan Reichman

Mascot and all-round Cool Dude.

Dart is our school mascot but sleeps through most training sessions and seditiously practices rival Italian HEMA moves when he is awake. He conscientiously attends every instructor meeting, offers commentary on lessons, and has travelled to interstate tournaments and international training events.