Lending Library

The following volumes (in no particular order) are held by the club and can be borrowed by any member.  Some of these books are also available for free in electronic form.  See links for more details about the publications and for acquiring your own electronic or hard copy.

  • Legitimizing Discourses:  A Vindication of Swordplay Through Letters in The Philosophy of Arms

By Mary Curtis, Dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish

  • The One Hundred Conclusions (Ms. Phill. 1941)

This is an English translation of the «Berlin Manuscript», Ms. Phil. 1941, containing the Cien Conclusiones («One Hundred Conclusions») and the Dieciocho Contradicciones («Eighteen Oppositions») by Luis Pacheco de Narváez, as well as various other texts and images. The translation was carried out by Jan Schäfer and Manuel Valle Ortiz, and supervised by Lois Spangler.  See here for more details.

Did we mention our very own Lois Spangler edited this?

  • Manuscrito da espada. Biblioteca da Ajuda 49-III-6(2)

The manuscript presents a vision of fencing in Portugal’s seventeenth century, integrating elements of Verdadeira Destreza and the common or «vulgar» tradition. 64 descriptions of feridas (techniques) with their respective counter-techniques. Some of these were previously unknown, such as the Parafusada or the Ferida do Duque de Alva. It also includes comments and glosses.  See here for more details.

Our Sean Reichman is working through this book intermittently in Free Scholar classes and recording the conclusions drawn.

  • The Collection of Renaissance Military Arts and Exercises of Pietro Monte

Free draft translation covering the martial arts of Renaissance Europe, from the individual combat techniques of a soldier, to the philosophy, psychology and strategic thinking as explained by an experienced general.  For more details, and to keep an eye out for the published book, see here.

  • Pacheco de Narváez, Luis. Libro de las grandezas de la espada [Book of the greatness of the sword]. 1600.

A series of plays.  See here for details.

  • Book Three of Francisco Lorenz de Rada’s Nobleza de la Espada

See here for details.

  • BSIS Class Notes Beginner, Novice & Apprentice

A bound copy of the class notes Version 10.

  • Manuel Lozano’s translation of Compendio de los fundamentos de la verdadera destreza y filosofía de las armas – or Compendium of the Fundamentals of the True Skill and Philosophy of Arms by Francisco Antonio de Ettenhard y Abarca

we strongly recommend this be read in conjunction with this review.

  • Not Destreza, but we have a copy, and many of our students train at multiple schools:

Manual of Fencing, 1877, Ministry of War, Official Instruction Manual of the French Army.  See here for details.  Translated by Brisbane Head of LongEdge, Chris Slee.