You are welcome to stop by our classes anytime to watch, chat, or try out our free introductory lesson. There is no need to book.

  • Your free first session:  The free introductory lesson requires no prior knowledge.  We always have an instructor assigned for beginner training for anyone who shows up.  In this lesson you will learn enough to drop into whatever Novice lesson is running the following week
  • The next week:  If you liked what you saw, you will join our Novice course.  It loops through about seven lessons, with new people joining at any time. Our early lessons do not build on each other; they are each about a separate subject, so you will not need to catch up on anything.  What you have learned in Beginner will be sufficient background for any of these classes, even if you have never done any form of martial art or sport before.
  • Your first sparring:  You get to train with metal rapiers from the very beginning.  Within three or four lessons you will get the chance to do simple, slow, safe sparring.

Formal BSIS classes run every Wednesday, beginning with ten to fifteen minutes of footwork practice for the whole group, and then splitting into groups for more specific technique practice.  Open-air sparring in the park is available on Saturday mornings.

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