Member Research

The following research has been produced by our talented members:

By Ron Koks, An Introduction to using the Iberian Mangual (Flail) V11_at_15-3-18 .

You may find it useful to read this in conjunction with Memorial Of the Practice of the Montante by Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo: a transcription  and translation by Eric Myers and a history by Steve Hick Second Edition .

By Ryan Tanzer, Historical Fencing, a blog discussing a variety of HEMA topics.

Ryan’s extensive reading and his history studies, coupled with his cross-disciplinary training schedule at a variety of HEMA schools mean his blog posts draw on a great breadth of information.

By Lois Spangler, Storytrade, a blog which includes translations of Destreza texts.

In December 2022 Agea Editoria published one of very few English-language texts on La Verdadara Destreza, The One Hundred Conclusions, edited by Lois.  We are very excited that one of our instructors has been part of an international effort to bring a core LVD text to the English speaking world.  We just want to point out we knew Lois first.

Lois is bilingual in Spanish and English, and has put her impressive translation skills to work against the challenging renaissance Portuguese text, Oplosophia e Verdadeira Destreza das Armas, by Diogo Gomes de Figueiredo.

If you wish to assist Lois’ quest to translate Spanish texts into English, consider supporting her as a Patreon, see here.

By Adam KayeDestreza Summary Poster:  An English translation of the poster from Don Miguel Perez de Mendoza’s 1674 book summarising La Verderdera Destreza in a single image. Re-created and translated to English in the style of the original.

By Sean Reichman, Sword Book, a series of videos exploring the plays in Manuscrito da espada.

Also, the BSIS syllabus, including explanatory videos, the majority of which was written by Sean.

By Kate Hickey, class notes, a summary of the BSIS syllabus with illustrations.

Kate is committed to bringing Destreza to everyone who is interested, and knows that some of us need to refresh our memory after class or before assessment with written notes.