Member Research

The following research has been produced by our talented members:

By Ron Koks, An Introduction to using the Iberian Mangual (Flail) V11_at_15-3-18 .

You may find it useful to read this in conjunction with Memorial Of the Practice of the Montante by Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo: a transcription  and translation by Eric Myers and a history by Steve Hick Second Edition .

By Ryan Tanzer, Historical Fencing, a blog discussing a variety of HEMA topics.

Ryan’s extensive reading and his history studies, coupled with his cross-disciplinary training schedule at a variety of HEMA schools mean his blog posts draw on a great breadth of information.

By Lois Spangler, Storytrade, a blog which includes translations of Destreza texts.

Lois is bilingual in Spanish and English, and has put her impressive translation skills to work against the challenging renaissance Portuguese text, Oplosophia e Verdadeira Destreza das Armas, by Diogo Gomes de Figueiredo.

If you wish to assist Lois’ quest to translate Spanish texts into English, consider supporting her as a Patreon, see here.