All members of our instructor and administrator teams, excluding our mascot, hold blue cards (Working with Children Check).

Sean Reichman

Sean started training Historical European Martial Arts in 2000 and has trained with a number of Australian schools. In 2011, he attended the Chicago Swordplay Guild WMA Workshop in the US, where Puck Curtis’ sessions on la verdadera destreza got him hooked. He also since attended two more workshops with Puck Curtis (Australia 2012, Canada, 2016), and a three-day renaissance fencing event in the United States. Sean is respected in the national community and has presented workshops at interstate events.

Sean is also a pretty nice guy. He won best-and-fairest at Swordfight Gold Coast, which we think is cool.

Kate Hickey

Kate has studied HEMA since 2007 and has been an instructor with BSIS since its launch. She has attended a 5-day workshop and 1-day intensive with Puck Curtis (Canada, 2016).  Fencing was her first sport, so she particularly enjoys teaching newbies who’ve never held a sword before and don’t know which end is the stabby bit.

Ron Koks

Ron has trained and instructed extensively in Kyushin Ryu Jujitsu before making the transition to swordplay in 2011.  He has attended a 5-day workshop and 1-day intensive with Puck Curtis (Canada, 2016).  He has transposed Montante drills to work for three-headed flails. He also makes these flails in a variety of colours. Hannah’s (see administration) is pink.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Level 2 jujitsu coach with the Australian Jujitsu Federation (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • Level 1 Archery Coach with the ABA (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • Licensed Fire Safety Advisor

James McMaster

Although he’s left Brisbane for new opportunities elsewhere in Australia, James instructed with enthusiasm and ease, also making sure that we remembered to stay hydrated during class. Expulsion lessons will not be the same without him. Come back and visit us soon, James!

Lois Spangler

Lois is a native Spanish speaker and experienced martial artist. She has a shodan in Tamiya Ryu and a nidan in Muso Shinden Ryu.  Lois has presented HEMA workshops both interstate and at one of Australia’s premier HEMA events, Swordplay.  Her joys in life include teaching with visual metaphors, translating historical sources, and bringing food to gatherings.

Experience: Former university lecturer;  martial arts as listed above.  Lois grew up bilingual in Mexican Spanish, which is roughly as close to Castilian as American English to British. She is a writer and editor in English and Spanish and has over twenty years of editorial experience across a broad range of industries.


Ryan Tanzer

Ryan has a bachelor degree majoring in history, and incorporates this into his teaching in engaging ways. He holds the rank of Free Scholar at BSIS, Vanguard Swordsmanship Academy, and Collegium in Armis. His dearest wish is to belong to more Brisbane sword schools than any other person – there is no prize.



Eddie Ngaluafe

Eddie is an Apprentice at Brisbane Swords, and at BSIS, and a Scholar at the School of Historical Defence Arts. He joined the HEMA community in 2016 after watching Emma Fowler destroy her opponent with a rapier at the Gold Coast Renaissance Faire.  Eddie was awarded the Sportsmanship Prize at Swordplay 2017 and the Pacheco Prize for best and fairest at the Carranza Cup 2017.


Aidan Hughes


Aidan thinks talking about himself is boring and simply wants to talk about swords and how to use them… unless he’s talking about archery, which he also coaches.  He is currently studying a bachelor degree of Archaeology and Linguistics.



Jacob Shofield

Jacob stumbled across our club while attending History Alive in June 2016 where he took a beginner class with us and discovered how much fun it is to wield a sword.  He has been with us ever since, training twice-weekly, and has now competed in multiple HEMA tournaments.  He has taken on instructing to share his enthusiasm with new members.


Sam Travis

Sam has been studying and practising HEMA since 2010 and after a break a few years ago has come back to the HEMA scene excited to try All The Things, training with several Brisbane HEMA schools despite committing her Wednesday nights to us.  She is currently concentrating her instructing on beginners, so she may be one of the first of our instructors you get to know.


Adam Kaye

Adam is a student and instructor with The School of Historical Defence Arts, and has has added Iberian sworplay to his repertoire by joining us at  BSIS.

Most notably, he cheered the entirety of Swordplay 2017, one of Australia’s major national historical European fencing events, by competing with a Grover cover on his fencing mask.